Know everything about Black Truffles

Tuber melanosporum

The Black Truffle, also known by the names of “Périgord Truffle”, “The Black Diamond” or “Black Winter Truffle” is the most expensive and commercially appreciate specie of truffle in Spain.

Fresh Black Truffles are by far the most highly sought-after variety of this mushroom,  praised by cooks and gatronomists since ancient times due to its very intense, surprising, unique, earthy and rich taste.

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How to recognise Black Truffles?

If you want to be sure that the delicacy you have in your hands is a real Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and not another aesthetically similar mushroom, like the worthless Chinese Black Truffle (Tuber indicum) which barely smells and has no flavor, you should read on.

Black Truffles are externally covered with small, not very prominent black pyramidal warts with reddish tones and when we cut it we can appreciate a purplish black interior covered with white, thin, numerous and very branched veins, which redden with air when the truffle is ripe. They have generally rounded shape, but also irregular or lobed and varies from the size of a hazelnut to an orange, rarely larger.

Black Truffle harvest

Spanish Black truffles grows under the ground together with the roots of oak and hazelnut trees and are harvested in late autumn and winter, until March, reaching optimum ripening point in December.

Formerly, pigs were used to find truffles, but they were not so friendly and easy to teach. Nowadays, truffles are hunted with the help of properly trained dogs who are able to locate them thanks to their great sense of smell. Once the place is evident, the truffle hunter carefully digs the area using special truffle knives to avoid damaging the roots of the host trees or the mushrooms themselves. When the spot is clear, the truffle can be extracted from under the ground with the delicacy it deserves.

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